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Automobile Liability

Motorized transport is a fact of life in Southern California where no one walks and everyone drives. Congested freeways and streets make automobile accidents a commonplace occurrence hundreds of times each and every day. From the routine fender-bender to multi-car fatality cases, we are experienced in litigating these claims.


From the manufacturer’s loading dock to the retailer’s shelves, today’s marketplace requires that products be delivered quickly---many times overnight. Different modes of transportation are employed ranging from containerized transport using tractor-trailers and railways to cargo aircraft. Moreover, the Southern California area is an internationally recognized hub for overseas trade and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are important centers for intermodal transport with major rail and trucking facilities located there.

This diversity of transport presents all types of potential liability from routine highway fender-benders, mishaps in the offloading of cargo to horrific, multi-vehicle fatality collisions. We help our clients to stay on top of this important and growing industry. Our expertise involves the following areas:

  • Motor Carrier liability
  • Materials Handling
  • Railroads
  • Longshoreman/Jones Act
  • Cargo Claims


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