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We strive to be technologically savvy not because are fascinated with it - and some of it is truly fascinating - but rather because it allows us to achieve our objectives of being responsive, proactive, efficient and effective for our clients. Towards that end we utilize litigation software such as CaseMap, TextMap, TimeMap and NoteMap to help us prepare for trial. Our office also makes widespread use of scanners, optical character recognition (OCR) software and database technology in the pre-trial phases of the case.

We also employ special trial-presentation software (TrialDirector) that allows us to present an entire case electronically using a laptop, LCD projector and a bar-code scanner. Conditioned by years of watching sophisticated graphics on television programs such as 48 Hours, 20/20 and 60 Minutes, jurors respond positively to evidence presented with the high-impact and dramatic features inherent in this technology. Gone are the days of blow-ups and blackboards. Today’s juries expect more. The side that fails to meet that expectation loses credibility and possibly the case.

The use of trial presentation software allows for a level of sophistication that used to be restricted to only the biggest law firms and gives our clients leverage in their cases before trial. For example, one recent case settled favorably for our clients when we previewed our trial presentation on a laptop computer at a mandatory settlement conference. Not only was the content of the presentation important but the message it sent was equally significant: “We are ready to go to trial and this is just a taste of what you will face unless the case settles.”

Although many firms utilizing this type of technology retain outside vendors to operate it (often at a substantial cost to their clients), we are proficient in its use and can therefore offer our clients excellent value in all but the most complex matters.





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